When is the best time to sell a home in Broward County? The wonderful things about living in sunny South Florida is that our winter months are our best weather months; very little rain, blue skies, and spring like temperatures. Even with our non-winter like months our local Broward County real estate market is very similar to the rest of the U.S. real estate market in terms of when the most transactions occur. 

More real estate transactions revolve around the last day of school compared to weather factors in Broward County. Many home sellers moving out of their current school zone desire to sell their home just after the last day of school making June a popular month to have real estate closings. In order to have a June closing we need to work backwards because there are many steps from the moment the sign goes in the front yard until the new buyer gets their keys. 
If you desire to sell your home by June you need to hire the Amy Kilcoyne Real Estate Team in March! 

In March you will hire the Amy Kilcoyne Real Estate Team to sell your home, stage and prep home for market, professional photo shoot of the home, for sale sign placed in the front yard, pre-listing marketing plan in place. 

By April, the marketing plan for your home is underway. Now is the time to share links to home on social media, fluff the 
pillows, and this is when the open house will occur. During this time a new buyer will fall in love with your home and will make an offer. 

During the month of May, your home, which is now under contract will be inspected, appraised, and the happy new buyer will have complete their mortgage process. 

Now that it’s June, the boxes are packed, the moving truck is on its way, and Congratulations it’s closing day! 

Why is spring so popular for home sales? Moving to coincide with the school year combined with the end of the “holiday season” hangover, and the blessing of year-end bonuses and/or tax returns give home shoppers the tools they need to start the pre-approval process and thus begin the their home search. 

Statically, the inventory for homes for sale in Broward County rises during the 2ndand 3rdquarters year after year. This also becomes a blessing and a curse for both buyers and sellers. On one hand buyers have more houses to choose from however there are also more buyers completing for homes, which could increase the chance of more than one buyer wanting the same house. On the flip side of the coin for sellers there are more buyers in the market however there are also more homes in the beauty contest to find the best buyers. 

Just because spring and summer are popular months for home sales it doesn’t mean ALL the homes will receive offers when they are placed on the market. Looking back historically, throughout all months an average of 40% of the homes that are placed on the market will have a price reduction. 

The best strategy for summer selling is hiring the best agent possible, with the most aggressive marketing plan, and one that knows and understands the market. Today is a great day to call Amy Kilcoyne at (954) 439-0996 to discuss your home’s value and to find how you can sell your home this summer!