I have a great life. I got married, gave birth 3 times, won the lottery...yet I have never known pure and utter joy until last Sunday when I witnessed for the first time EVER my home team the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES win the 52nd Super Bowl! 

I'm over the moon exited and in light of this VICTORY,  The Amy Kilcoyne Real Estate Team is donating $100 each time we sell a home in 2018!! The  buyer, seller, or refer can select a  charity, school, or teacher's classroom fund of choice. 

This means if you send us a referral and they do business with us, you get to select a charity, school, or teacher's classroom fund and so does the person you referred! So if you like raising money for charities, schools, and teachers, SHARE this POST! 

Because when the Philadelphia Eagles Win....pretty much everyone except for the Patriots win! 

Now I will bask in the glory of this win until the roller coaster ride of being a Philadelphia Eagles fan returns next September! 

This will be my last football post. My normal business like communication will continue as the entire real estate market is waiting to see what interest rate, the economy will do in the months to come. Something tells me the Super Bowl is one of the many exciting things 2018 will deliver. 

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