Tis the Season, no I’m not talking about Christmas that was so 3 weeks ago. I’m talking about Homestead Exemption filing time! Equally as exciting as Christmas morning, I know :)

In order to qualify for a Florida Homestead Exemption, you must own your property and be a permanent residence as of January 1st of the year you are applying. For example you would be filling now for the permanent residence you owned on January 1, 2018. Happy New Year! 

Permanent Florida residents may fill for Homestead Exemption under Florida Law on their homes, condos, co-op units, and some mobile homes lot. If you live in a van by the river, you need not apply. 

There are other requirements for Florida Homestead Exemptions, such as you must be a US citizen, permanent resident aliens or hold “PRUCOL” asylum/refugee status. 

You also can’t have a Homestead or any other residency-based exemption or tax credit in any other county, state, or country. You must pledge you alliance to good ole Florida as your home team in order to qualify for your Florida Homestead Exemption. 

Florida Statues allows only one Homestead Exemption per “family unit”. Translation, you and your spouse are not legally allowed to claim the exemption in Broward County if you or your spouse are currently receiving a residency-based tax exemption or credit on a property ANYWHERE. If Mrs. Smith claims Homestead Exemption in Broward and her hubby Mr. Smith claims Homestead Exemption in Palm Beach County, don’t invite them to couple game night because they are clearly not into following the rules! 

Let’s say you owned a home and had a Homestead Exemption at one time but now you live somewhere else and rent the home…well unless you are actively rocking military fatigues on the daily, you are in violation of the Homestead Exemption rules. 

You only need to apply for Florida Homestead Exemption once. If you haven’t moved and you have your Florida Homestead Exemption on your property you don’t need to do anything. If you have a new home and need your Florida Homestead Exemption the process is easy peasy lemon squeezie if you file before the March 1st deadline. 

To file your Florida Homestead Exemption for Broward County visit www.BCPA.net to apply online or in visit the Broward County Property Appraiser’s office at 115 S Andrews Ave Room 111 Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

If you miss the March 1st filing deadline, you can apply before the late filing deadline which is Sept 18, 2018. 

The Florida Homestead Exemption is only one of many possible exemptions in Broward County. Here is a list of other exemptions you may qualify for in 2018” 

  • Deployed Military Exemption 
  • Disabled Ex-Servicemember or Surviving Spouse Exemption 
  • Combat-Disabled Veteren
  • Full Exemption for Veteran’s Service-Connected Total and Permanent Disability
  • Surviving Spouses of First Responders Who Died in the Line of Duty
  • Property Tac Exemption for Certain Totally and Permanently Disabled First Responders and Surviving Spouses
  • Low-Income Senior Long Term Residency Exemption

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